Hi! My name is Lily. A while ago; Icam across Liz's site and now I love it. :)! when she linked your site to hers I automatically had to come for a visit. I like your site too and have shown it go my dad who is a gardener hime self. :)! hehe. I also looked at your daughter Hope's site some too.

Your girls are amazing and love American Girl Dolls just as much as I do and I think my dad likes gardening almost as much as you do too. He though; doesn't write in a journal or has a website.

Michel Paille

Hello Mark and Renee,

My name is Michel Paille and I would love to introduce to you the Brand New Tomato Support for the 2010 season called The Tomato Ring by VeggieCage LLC. This is by far the best support ever. Please take a moment and see it on Can you please let me know what you think?



Great site with great information !

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