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March 24, 2011



This is very good advice and quite timely. We don't have chickens (yet) but our neighbors do and sometimes they venture into our fenced in yard. Since they are frequent visitors, I acquainted them slowly with our lab, Bradie. Now she just follows them calmly around the yard.


We love our dog...we love our chickens...but we don't let the two get together...I'm more afraid of the chickens running away and the dog chasing and losing them all over the neighborhood.


Thank you for the comments.

I don't let our chickens out either because we only have a small yard and for their safety, but I do know many people who do let their chickens roam and who have dogs. I always wondered how that worked out, which is why I liked this article by Dr. Wright.

- Marc


I have 5 layers and a rooster, we bought them last april, I also run a small animal rescue, which I have 13 large bully breed dogs, when we started,we had a little coop and I aded a 4x5 chain kennel and attached to coop placed a top in the fenced area, and this was all place in a 20x20 garnden area(with a hot wire fence around the area, (I wasn't sure what might happen) the hotbox is solor power incase we lose power ad still have dogs going in and ou to poop. It worked fine, but we desided to cover a 10x10 kennel, and placed the coop and hay inthere and a few heat lamps for these NC winter nights, the chickens are very happy, they are covered and not worried about the animals, th wind isn't an issue and I think they will be happy as they can be once I put some perches in there, right now they just sit on crates or the old plastic kennel I have out there. I am very interested in getting some more birds this spring and possible do up another kennel ad raise ducks, I do have one big ?,I know ppl give chickens leftovers or scraps, can anyone tell me what's ok for them and what's not? Please email me with any info at [email protected]. thanks so much

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