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June 16, 2010



I've been worm composting for the last few years, and the only tip I have is to watch what fruit you put into the bin. We had a *major* infestation of fruit flies prompting my husband to force me to start keeping the bin outside if I wanted to keep it. Some fruit managed to get into the bin that was already infested and they just multiplied - so when the lid came off - the flies were all over the place. Took us about 4 weeks to get them all out of the house.
One option is to microwave or freeze everything before you put it in the bin in order to kill any larvae. The other option (which we chose) was to move the bin outside. Moving outside requires some jury-rigging to keep the worms alive during the winter in the mid-Atlantic, so it's certainly not for everyone. We have the bin placed under our deck next to the outside wall of our chimney, and it has kept the worms alive for three winters so far.


This is so interesting. My eyes were probably twinkling while I was reading about the worm compost.


Here's a thought. Do fruit flies help with the decomposition process as well? Perhaps it's not so bad that they're there

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