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October 14, 2009



Wow that is one impressive chicken coop. I love the grazing pen idea too. Thanks for sharing!


Bravo to you for thinking so seriously about protecting your chickens. What a great coop! I just stumbled across your blog today and it's going in my favorite places to explore more. I've been raising my flock for about a year and a half now and have enjoyed them tremendously. It's just a great hobby. I love gardening too and hope to expand and get some great ideas from your blog. Follow me too! http://cherrychickens.blogspot.com


I look after some chickens from time to time, and although I love to see them roaming free in the garden scratching for worms and insects, they are incredibly destructive if you have anything precious or delicate growing! That grazing pen looks like it fulfils both your needs!

It really looks clean and I believe the chickens can wander around here quite well.

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Agree. I think it is important that chickens (and of course to other animals) should be placed such that they can feel that they are in the natural niche. And I think this is perfect.

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