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September 21, 2009



Any idea how worms cope with frosts and cold weather in worm farms?

I'm keen to start a worm farm, but we do get very hard frosts where we live. I don't want to invest in a worm farm and worms, only to kill them all off!


I love the compost they make, and the worm tea we get does amazing things for our plants, wouldn't be without them :)

Daharja, we get some heavy frosts here too, we just keep the worm farm on the patio under cover, no smell and the worms do fine.


You're right molly, the worm tea is amazingly potent.

Daharja, worms do okay in cold soil but they can't take frozen soil. If you keep worms in a container worm bin, you might need to re-locate the bin to a garage or basememt in the winter. It sounds like a covered patio works well for molly. My next step in worm farming will be with the use of outdoor pits. The worms do okay there because they can burrow deeper if need be and you are supposed to cover the pit with a heavy mulch of straw or leaves during colder weather. Hopefully I'll do this next year.

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