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August 16, 2009


black eyed susans kitchen

We also have had a bumper crop of peppers this year, and I was thinking that it had something to do with the cooler July, or the amount of rain. I like your theory though we don't have any reflective property near our garden.


I usually get a bumper crop, this year I have gotten NOTHING. My plants look like they did when I first put them out-puny!


Last year, we had a tiny crop. Only one bell pepper from each plant, and they were literally 3 inches and 1 inch.

This year has been better, though not as good as yours. We got one big pepper, and we have several tiny ones growing. The plant actually flowered once early, then all flowers fell off except the one (which produced the one pepper). Recently it had a second growth spurt of leaves and branches, and a second burst of flowers, 10 of which have turned into baby peppers. Not sure what the change was though! I think it was the early heat in the summer and the recent heat now, but last year was hot all summer, so who knows...

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