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May 06, 2009



Mine were doing the same. I looked up the yellowing and it can be to much or not enough water or too cold. Temp change. And the one with the veins a diffrent color is an iron deficiency. I have most of mine in the ground. I sprinkled bot the potted and planted ones with a bit of Epsom salts today I will see if it helps. That will normally green them up a bit.


I'm so glad you mentioned the purple plants! My seedlings overall have been strong and healthy. But I planted them out a couple weeks ago (noob that I am), and came home one day to find them purple. Like BARNEY purple. Mostly the stems and underside of the leaves. Things are warming up quickly here in Oregon, so your message gives me hope that they'll be okay. Other than the purple, they look great.


I hope things look up for you soon, I've had the same problem with my tomatoes from time to time and this year I had all my first crop killed by the cold and only half the second crop survived the transplant outdoors.

Better luck with yours!


Try using a fan or two next year running over the seedlings from the start.

It will do wonders to prevent the problems we see in your pictures.


Yes! I am so glad that I came back and read this post again! My poor little tomatoes have been shrivling from the end like that too. I adjusted the watering schedule and left the door open to the room they are in under the lights more often and they are perking up. I don't know if it was watering, heat or something else... but glad to see them doing better. I have them all sitting out in the nice sun today. YAY!


Could you discuss that grow light stand you use. It looks massive!

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