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April 09, 2009



Diary of a worm is my daughters favorite book, too. I might actually try and get the composting system so she can see the worms in action. Thanks for all your great info on your blog!

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener

Nice looking worms. I have done a few posts using my cheap Rubbermaid worm bin.



Interesting info. My first reaction isn't to say, "aw, how cute", actually I have to keep from shuddering when looking at the worms. I don't know why I react this way as I know they are very beneficial and harmless.


Anke - we do love Diary of a worm as well as Diary of a spider.

Cheap Vegetable Gardener - I do like your rubbermaid worm bin. I tried one like that last year but didn't know much what I was doing. The bin was on the floor in the laundry room and got invaded by ants. Our new bin is up on legs and in our living space. I hope ants can't get in this time or at least we will see them trying.

Aiyana - it is natural to be a little grossed out by worms, but you are right that they are beneficial. They are such strange creatures that I am fascinated by them.

Thanks, - Marc


Kind of a gross post........but......Happy Easter anyways!



My grandpa used to compost indoors with red wigglers during the winter. It is kind of fun. These worms usually show up in my composter in late spring. I should pick some out and give vermicomposting a try.

Thanks for the tip on planting set with tomatoes and every where there is a spot. I will be trying this.


I live in a small condo but have a garden. I'm VERY interested in your worm project. I have a few questions. Does it smell? Have you gotten to the point where you need to empty it? Do you have bugs (fruit flies etc). Thanks in advance


Beth - Surprisingly, nobody would ever know the worm bin is present because there is no smell or flies. I guess you have to be careful not to put too much in at a time and you cut the veggie scraps very small. The only problem we have had so far is that I put too big of potato peels in and they sprouted which looked pretty funny.

I have all three trays stacked up now and they are all full of worms. The bottom tray is mostly vermicompost now and I will empty it in the next couple weeks. I plan to move some of the worms to an outdoor pit under a rabbit hutch. Until then I am feeding all three trays and they are still reproducing in all of them. It is going better than I expected.
- Marc


Thank you SO MUCH for theses posts about the worms! I have been planning on purchasing the Worm Factory since last fall and it is on my spring to do list. Long story short I can't buy it at over $100. Thanks for telling me about the one from Gardens Alive, I have seen the coupon and now plan to use it.

I was planning on doing the bin/bucket wit the hole and am glad yet another person tried it and had problems. I think I knew this but was ready to settle for something less.

I also have a $25. off coupon that came on the front of one of their magazines this spring....SO I will order the bin on line to use that coupon and order the worms by mail to use that cupon.

I'll keep reading about your worm adventures. I'll let you know when I get ours up and running.

Thanks again, who knew worms were so exciting?

The chicks are so cute, and won't they love the worms when they are old enough. One of the many reasons I want a worm farm.....


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