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April 21, 2009


Eric L

Great pics of the chicks! It is good to see you venturing out into raising chickens and it looks like you have some good ones. They are fun to keep!

You mentioned some wonderful books. We enjoy our copies of Barnyard in Your Backyard and Story's Guide to Raising Chickens so I can give them a two thumbs up along with you. The other two I was not familiar with, but I'm sure they would be worth looking into.

God bless and enjoy the chickens,


I used to have Austrolorps and they are really nice birds. One was so broody that she would steal all the other hens chicks and raise them as her own. She would strut around the yard with 25 chicks in a whirlwind around her. She was a hoot and quite beautiful.


I've just spent a week looking after some chickens while my Sister went on holiday. Chickens in a vegetable garden do not mix! They just dig up any bit of soil and any seedbed or any plant you have nurtured. Be sure to keep them in an area where they won't damage your plants. Otherwise they are fascinating to watch and it is brilliant to collect fresh eggs every morning.



Thanks for your comments on the worm bin. Ours in on the way. I'm also excited about the chickens. It's a project we hope to undertake at some point. Great pics - thanks for sharing.


Congrats on getting your first flock started. I started last year with retirement age hens, and can't imagine gardening without them anymore. I would start with adult hens again if my hens died. As cute as the chicks are, I got to avoid setting up for chicks and then feeding them for several months before they started laying. If I had a broody hen with fertilized eggs, though, that would be a treat. Mama hens take care of chicks better than I ever could.


Wonderful! And you get free fertilizer to boot.


Cool Chickens. I am starting to think I am the odd one out, seems like alot of veggie bloggers are getting chickens.


Marc, I thought that chickens on the veggie garden would be a great idea because they would scratch around and eat all the slugs and pests. Actually they just dug up everything in sight, seed beds, beans, spinach.. and just threw soil all over the path, everywhere! Make sure they have their own little space to root around and you won't be tearing your hair out!


I have noticed as well that chickens are big part of gardening. This is my first year of gardening and so waiting to do the chicken thing is probably best for me but definitely something I hope to work my way into.

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