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April 06, 2009



I am following along with your early tomato experiment but I am only growing one plant that is called Siletz. It has flower buds starting already! I am hoping they set fruit as I might have tomatoes in May. I have grown it under my Metal Halide grow light and have been placing it outside in my cold frame on warm days. Here is a photo of it on my blog, it is the last photo on the post, long way down the page:


Thanks so much! This really explains my previous problems with starting tomatoes from seed. Either I had pathetic seedlings or tall spindly plants that died quickly. I'm definitely going to try this next year.


Oh what a great post with some great info. I really appreciate your recommendation that i come over and read it. Thanks! Melissa at Rabbit Hill Farm


Thank you!!! I'm starting my tomatoes from seed, and while I've read about transplanting multiple times and the deeper burying, these pictures have been a TON of help at seeing what's really going on!! What a GREAT post to find. Thanks a BUNCH!!!!


Terrific info. I am trying to quit buying plant starts and grow everything from seed, this will be very useful for next year.

I'm curious though, how come you don't use your soil block maker for the tomatoes?

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