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April 28, 2009



i'm sure that the coke thing does not work. it loses its fizz in about 2 minutes.

Sue Mack

I now nightly have raccoons on top of my flat roof! I live on a lake in Orlando, & 15 yrs ago, even had a persistent Mama Coon pull the metal siding apart in an upper part of my roof & move into my rafters to have her babies!!!
The roofer who came out to re-roof my house soon after this found the family, & braved rabies to pull the brood out & repossess them! (Good thing I had a brave Fl Native who was familiar with native wildlife!
I am tired of them now scratching around above my head at night & think I'll try the radio & an LED (low-cost to run) light on a timer. I may even throw a mothball or 2 up there for good measure or leave some coke out for aa midnite snack. Thanks for all the great ideas! I'll let u know wat works best.

carrie collins

i need some ideals on how to keep raccoons out of my dog pens i have automatic feeders for my beagle dogs to eat when ever they want 24 hrs a day but my 10 beagles s dog food 50 lbs is all gone in about 3 days will 10 beagles eat that much in 3 days i have seen coon tracks coming up to my dog pen , but i don't understand how they are getting in i have a 4 foot fence 2 x 4 squares around it and a electric fence wire on bottom and top so if some body can give me an ideal that will help me i would greatly appreciate it

Nova - Grow Herb Garden

That floppy fence is a very clever idea.

And I totally agree with the racoons not loving cucumber very much. Skunks hate them too!

You can also plant vegetables with prickly foliage such as squash plants, pumpkins, etc because raccoons have very sensitive toes.

Rick Rasmussen

Can I put up bars that a cat can go through ,but keep out the coons??


The cucumbers and squash make sense. It is an old Native American technique. Corn + squash + beans work extremely well together. They are known as "The Three Sisters." It helps keep weeds, coons, and even some insects out of the garden.

It works like this:
s = squash (a winter squash) c = corn (preferably Indian corn) b = bean (a pole bean)


Of course, you can do as many rows as you want, as long as all the corners are covered.


What if the raccoon fell forward?


I’m trying to find a way to keep the raccoons out of my school bus. I read somewhere that there are flowers they don’t like the smell of but can’t find them now. Earlier I found to sprinkle cinnamon, chili powder, ground black pepper, or other spices on the ground. I’m going to try that too. I may try the soda in a pan under my bus, but I don’t really want to kill them… just have them visit someone else’s bus. ;-) I was also told that marshmallows will kill raccoons too.


i see this was posted in '09. Any update how well the cucumbers kept the raccoons away? Thanks...


I aint too civilized....I'm going with the firearms idear.

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