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April 28, 2009



I hope your cuke idea works for you. Last night something (I assume it was a raccoon, since it had to figure out how to remove the fence guarding the entrance, which it did)got into my greenhouse and stripped my green bean plants down to little stalks. Then it wandered down the aisle, skirted a large cart and ate all the leaves off the cucumber plants. If your virtual fence works for you, please post the type of cukes you used . . .

Karen Oliver-Paull

They are getting my tomatoes. This is the first year they have done that so I'm vexed. Last year they ate all my icebox watermelons and cantaloupes so I didn't bother trying to grow any this year. I never thought they'd go after green tomatoes. I think they are also eating my green beans. I'm seriously thinking of the electric fence put around my vegetable garden as that would be the simplest thing to do. I can't get my husband to let me have a dog since that would also work. My neighbor has a big pit bull mix I would love to have and I'm sure she'd keep them away.


I have an organic garden plot at a local community farm and all of my corn was ruined by raccoons last year! My local "seed and feed" store told me to spray men's cologne on the silk and the raccoons will stay away and not affect the corn in any way. I do have a "floppy fence" around most of the corn, but will be trying the cologne too - cheap dollar store cologne should repel anything (including humans lol) right?

gary lewellen

well I'm going to try the radio and light trick tonight. I've caught 3 coons in my live trap and relocated them on the other side of a wide river. Thinking my troubles were over because I kept my trap set and caught 2 opposums and a cat, then this 5th session of corn was ripening I kept a close eye on it and I noticed a couple of ears from the past session of corn (the small left over ears were freshly eaten). so I was talking with a guy that said he'd heard put soap shavings on the corn silk and they won't fool with. So I got the cheese grater out and whittled down a bar of coast, and covered the silk with all that would stay on it. the next morning I found pullown side ways and the side torn open and then left alone. So i doubled my efforts with the soap shavings. I was still not feeling I was out of the woods. (hahaha) so I thought hum! why not put a paste of Cayenne pepper all over the ears and see if that would keep them off. Well, this mornin I went to pick my Okra and look at the corn to see if there were any eaten. To my suprise I found 4 ears on the ground and no cayenne pepper on them. So That/those coons found 4 ears that I have missed, or they wiped it off and did their thing. So tonight I have soap shaving on the silk, cayenne pepper smeared all over the cobs, a light and country western music on the radio. My theory is as long as they don't like country western with a low light on and cajun style corn, we might get to eat of this 5th session. But if they like to listen to country western with a low ligt and eat cajun style corn, them they'll probaby wash up with the soap when they're done eating!

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