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April 28, 2009



I like your stunt leopard. I use the floppy fence (plus bury the bottom in an outward "L" shape) to keep ground squirrels out of my garden. We can't leave dog or cat food outside. Besides the occasional raccoon, bobcat or bear, it also attracts skunks. Up at Tahoe, Aries' dad used to set a plate of sugar cubes out for the raccoons, then everybody would watch as they'd take their prize over to the water dish to "wash" it. Of course, it would dissolve in their hands every time, to their astonishment and everyone else's amusement.


This fence works for lions and tigers. No joke. I once was the veterinarian for a big cat sanctuary and they used this same technique to keep the cats in their enclosures. Of course they used something a lot more substantial than chicken wire but the principle was exactly the same.


The racoons may be more interested in your chickens than your corn!


I just planted my corn and I am going to be livid if Raccoons get in. We have a fence around it but after looking at your pics I'm not sure it will work. Hmmmmm let me know how it goes.

Megan Isadore

The floppy fence is great for keeping a lot of critters out of the garden.....another good idea is to feed your cats indoors, or bring the food in after they eat. As long as there's a free dinner on the porch, the raccoons will belly up to the bar, and being the hungry little opportunists they are (just like humans) will stay for the corn!


Back in my grandpa's day they took care of this problem with firearms, but we're too "civilized" for that now.

My biggest complaint with fences is that in order to to make it hard for them to steal my crops I have to make it more inconvenient for me to get to them as well.


I'd go with the electric fence just for the shock value :-)

Bob Foster

I too have been bothered with recoons for many years,then one day an old timer and I were talking and he said the best way to keep a racoon out of the patch is to put an old radio in the garden and hook it up to a timmer,on at dark and off in the morning.You can also put a light on the timmer as well.Bot comming on at the same time.It does work. I have not had any problems since I started diong this several years ago..

Amoureuse D

ahah good advices.

That leopard looks really scary :P I think its the harmless idea for the raccoons.


I have been told to put a pan of Coke in the patch they will drink it but they cannot burp so it will kill them

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