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March 02, 2009



I've got a Gusanito stacker bin on order. It should be here soon.

Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures. Very cool.


Great post. I love your premade bin. The home made ones are great for under the sink, but yours is great for out in the open. Great pictorial. But I had to laugh. Since you linked that Amazon worm page, they increased their price to $39.95. Still better than $50/lb, but not by much.

I knew worms multipled fast, but that's ridiculous! Very cool.

Great post, thanks for sharing.


Wow, you're right Sinfonian. I went through that link again and the seller I got them from says they are temporarily out of stock. I guess Amazon puts up an alternative. However, if you go there and then search for "live earthworms" it brings up other sellers offering 1 lb worms for $23.99. There are also some selling for $15 and $8 but I bet those are 1/2 pound packages which is still enough to start a small worm bin.


You can get 1 lb for $15 plus $11 shipping from Best Buy Worms. That's where I got mine. The worms are doing great.

J Blank

I just want to know about the temperature for the worms. Doesn't it get too warm indoors?

Wilma Jozwiak

I have my worm farm in a spare bedroom. They are fine with warmer weather (look in the heart of your outdoor compost piles - you'll fine them there, where it is very warm). We keep the house cool in winter, and when it goes down around 65 they tend to slow down consumption.

Marlene Affeld

Thanks for the great advice - I am planning to start a worm bin - the worms will consume almost any kitchen scrap and it is good for the environment. Your advice is timely and much appreciated. Wishing you well.


These earth worms can be a good food for fish and other insects like frog and snakes. Besides this, these worms are the best source of making your garden fertile. Our government is considering to give loans to the small land onwers to breed these worms


My mom has a worm factory just like that one!! I like to watch them wiggle around too. I've been considering getting one for my own place...

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