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February 09, 2009


The Cheap

Scary since I am in Washington, yet another good reason I am glad I make my own compost.

You know things are bad when even the poo you get for compost could be toxic!

Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the heads up!

Yet another reason to go local and make your own or get it from a local organic farm.

Scary. Makes me wonder if even some organic farms and those that ship to grocery stores to sell their organic food might have these problems and not even know about it.

We in the UK had a dreadful problem with Aminopyralied last year. Some have been told that their gardens and allotments will be unusable for up to three years. BRITISH RESIdents sent a massive petition to parliament demanding action. The UK government dropped all action after the fertizing company withdrew their product from the market after blaming farmers for not reading the small print. This stuff is a dreadful problem so be very careful. It gets into the compost after it passes threw the animals digestive system. Their dung is then used as compost and is sold by garden centres to us as compost. Be very aware. Margaret

Sydney Plumber

Nice post...Great work keep it up...


V Scary, spescially if its in commercially sold compost too. It's tough finding out what could be in any manure you can get hold of.

Use your own - humanure to increase your volume!

Good to know. Thankfully there are horse stables and other facilities that I can get compost from and now shall endeavour to do so every time (along with my homemade stuff).

Thanks for the heads up.

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