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February 25, 2009


They did really look good...absolutely something I could have in the kitchen. Very interesting..

I want one of those too. I just not willing to spend the money on it yet.Maybe next year.


That is so incredibly cool. I will have to check back with you to see if it works or if it smells up the house. We live in an apartment so obviously we can't have an outdoor compost. I am not worried about giving away the compost. I am sure someone will take it.

What is worm tea? What do you do with it?

I'm so excited for you. I've been wanting one of these as well. I'll have to add that to my gardens dreams list (it's getting rather long though).

I'm highly motivated in that direction myself, especially since my neighborhood requires enclosed commercial composting outside only and that doesn't work well here.

But I've also delayed due to potential outlay on something I've never seen.

I really look forward to seeing how you go about it and what it is like so I can jump on that bandwagon!

Daphne, Chiot's Run and ChristyABC - I understand not wanting to spend the money on a worm bin. I have been that way for many years. I guess we went ahead with it because last year we wasted money on buying (and subsequently killing) worms. We didn't have a good home for them but it was enough to see the value of raising worms.

Billie - "Worm Tea" is what they call the liquid that is drained out of the working worm bin. After the worms have been in there a while, the water will look more like tea. It is a good liquid fertilizer for house plants or seedlings. The bin should not smell or attract gnats unless we put too many kitchen scraps in for the worms to eat fast enough.

I will write a more descriptive post about how to raise worms inside next week after the worms are in and the unit is working.

- Marc

I've been wanting a worm bin for a long time...this is just the push I need! I'm going to go buy one now! Can't hardly wait!


We've had a bin for almost a year. Mine is a mint green plastic tub with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage and ventilation holes drilled along th top of the bin and in the top. This bin lives in our laundry room, which opens into the kitchen - makes it easy to throw in scraps, etc. I do not have much tea; however lots of vermi compost for my plants and garden. It was fun to discover my first worm eggs - my daughter says they look like little dragon eggs!

I started my bins in small plastic shoebox size containers and have graduated to a wigwam- all in my small basement. I can't wait to check back and see how this system works for you...

I want to do this at home and work too. I just got a Garden's Alive catalog. I'll take a look.

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