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February 27, 2009


What a nice surprise. Laminate it and put it up in your garden.

Perfect. Think of the other things you could say: There will be no late frost this year, plan accordingly. Your tomatoes will be fruitful. Or just the old ones but good ones like 1 years seed is 7 years of weed...

I'm growing dwarf tomatoes under lights this year too.

I love that. My last one was "Progress involves risk." Hmm I wonder what that one would mean in the garden for me. Maybe I should start some of those early tomatoes too.


As they say, "Some people have all the luck". In this case, you got the fortune!.

What a great fortune! (typo or no) ;^)

Fortunate indeed!! My fortune cookie a couple of weeks ago was written in German... so I don't know what it said!!!

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