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February 20, 2009


How fun! I can easily see my kids getting hooked on this


yes, those are fun aren't they!

what fun - for kids and also for big kids like me! Thanks for great post.

I love these. We got one for our nieces & nephew. They love it. Fun for kids and adults!


Those are great! A couple years ago, Family Fun magazine had instructions on making these. We never did make them, but they're on our list for this year!!

Oh my gosh, I love these things too. I can not find them anywhere other than Micheal's either, and only sometimes. I find it weird also that you can not purchase them on line. I have ten of them in my office and my co workers have been making trips to Micheal's too becasue they are very fun and add a little bit of green to the office :)

Pauline Martin

My daughter received one for christmas. I just loved it and wanted another, cant find online! Very cute and clever!!!

Russ Preston

How long did it take them to sprout?

no name,please

I have one a friend gave me & I love it!! :)

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