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February 17, 2009



I like the idea, but in my dry climate I find hanging baskets very unforgiving. All it takes is one weekend out of town without watering, and they're toast.

I can run a soaker hose on a timer for the garden beds, but haven't figured out something reliable for hanging baskets.



grew some last year in these 5 gallon buckets, with a large hole drilled in the bottom for the tomato to come out (and petunias on top). We used the handle of the bucket to hang over the fence and hold it up. This picture was very early in the year. The flowers did great all season, the tomatoes were much less impressive than upright ones planted in containers that were sown at the same time. I think the hanging "idea" is great, but in practice there are several problems with it. The plant for several months was trying to grow straight up, making the stalk into a U shape. Once fruit set it weighed the plant down and grew all the way to the ground. It was a fun experiment but we won't be doing this again with tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes might have worked better, but to me its still not worth it. Maybe something like a cucumber would work better, but who knows. We were someone disappointed with our results, but hopefully yours goes better.

I think it really does depend on your climate. Several people tried them around my neighborhood and they looked like champs coming out the game with strong stems and thick bushy leaf growth, they staggered to an unimpressive finish.

It appears that when our blazing hot summers really start cooking, so do the roots!

Do keep us updated on your progress with them. I'm really curious.

They're interesting but I can't get over how ugly they are. I garden to beautify my home not just to attain food. I find a tomato in a pot on the front porch just looks better than one hanging from a bucket.


I like this idea, and in our moderate climate (it rarely gets really how here in NW Washington), they might work better than in hotter climates. We have such limited space, these upside down baskets might work well. We can hang them from our clothes line.

I am trying 3 of these this season because of my limited space. I am however trying a different version of this one that has a 4L reservoir on top to help keep the tom's moist. I would imagine the one without the reservoir would be difficult to keep from drying out in the summer heat.

here is the link to the one I am trying.

Instead of planting flowers in the top, leaving exposed dirt to speed evaporation, couldn't a person just put the bucket's lid back on, with a small watering hole cut into it?

forgot to mention I linked to your blog on my current post.

My sister loved hers - first-time use last summer, hanging from the corner of a pergola on her deck. It had quite a large reservoir up top, so was easy to keep watered. It's best to choose a determinate-type tomato plant to grow in one.

I've been reading Jorge Garcia's blog (Hurly from the t.v. show LOST) recently and he loves to do consumer tests on things like this. He happens to have quite the green thumb himself. Here are his two posts on this product.


And also, I have a neighbor who tried them with very poor results.

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