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January 20, 2009


Darren (Green Change

Good luck! It's the crazies who make all the interesting discoveries. If everybody just grew the same two types of tomatoes, it'd be a boring old world.

Since I live in a zone where we cannnot put our tomatoes out until June 7th I applaud you for trying to get a fully ripe tomato even before that date. I have built a tomato pavillion which helps get mine out earlier, but not much because the ground is too cold. Keep us informed!


Ripe Tomatoes in May? Wow, with all the success you've had in the past with early tomatoes I thought you'd be shooting for February this year. :)

I may have to try to get a super early tomato this year. you are crazed, but still inspirational.

You can never have too many tomato plants! I have 18 in pots on a small balcony because that is the only space I have! Love the goals and best of luck in achieving them.

I totally agree with Chris - crazy in a good way, and as long as you eat or give away all the excess tomatoes it isn't wasteful. I used to work for the early tomato, but my current garden is such a pain. It has massive trouble with mildew. Early tomatoes just encourage it. So I don't do that anymore.

Sounds like good clean fun to me!

You really show your Passion!
Great Photos and a well written statement of Energy personifies.

I share that passion and have for the past 55 years,. we raised our Family growing tomatoes and other crops on our 20 Acre Truck Farm.

Last year i chronicled the Progress of 24 Tomato plants (sorry, 2 old standbys and a new one for me Stupice).

I chronicled on Video the progress over 8 months.

The DVD is now available.

I would appreciate your sharing his link with your loyal followers and they may enjoy Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth


I would be growing more varieties too if I could, but I am having trouble with the ones I have now.

I have had almost all my tomatos infested with fruit fly this season. The plants I planted later in the season and are just begining to ripen now seem to be ok.

Just wondering if you have fruit fly where you are and what you do to get rid of it. I have been told the only way is to spray and I really really don't want to do that.


(in Australia)

Emma - We don't have a lot of trouble with that so I will defer to Rhonda from Down to Earth. She has written about fruit fly before (she is also in Australia). I seem to recall her talking about picking tomatoes wile still green to deter insects from attacking the ripe fruit.

Mainly I think she has had problems with fruit fly bothering her fruit trees. She wrote about it here and here.

I would suggest asking her more about fighting fruit fly through email or by commenting on her post.

Good luck with your fight. I hope you can still have a great harvest

- Marc

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