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January 09, 2009


Actually, I don't like BLT's. :-) But I love tomatoes, and the heirloom varieties are definitely fun!

This year's Baker Creek catalog says that they prefer the taste of Yellow Brandywines to the regular Brandywine tomato. I don't know if that's true, but it might be worth looking into.

As far as pink tomatoes go, the Marmandes from France are reputed to have excellent flavor, but they are pretty small in my experience. The taste was quite good, though.

Victory seeds has some nice pink tomatoes that I would like to try someday. The ones that most interest me are the Pink Accordian (which just looks cool), New Big Dwarf, and Ferris Wheel.

How lovely. I'm just getting into different kinds of tomatoes. As a kid though, my parents always let each of us choose one kind of crop we wanted to grow each year. I always ended up choosing something blue: blue corn or blue potatoes I remember.

you might try loking in

My husband says it makes sense i like ugly or odd looking veggies , he says I have the same taste in Pets (I collect some very odd fish)

I have had a bit of an addiction to heirloom tomatoes since I began gardening as well. I have not grown a red tomato in about 7 years.
Last year I grew 10 different varieties and I can't wait till spring to start again.
One of our favourites last year was "garden peach". It is yellow with a slight orange blush and is actually fuzzy like a peach. We all thought is was very cool.
I do have to say that the "green zebra" has so far been my favourite, year after year.

I just found a heirloom tomato grower from California the other day. They have something like 600 varieties of heirlooms! I am very excited as I am a weird tomato nut like yourself. Their url is http://www.tomatofest.com/heirloom_tomato_seed_store.html

I think my favorite heirloom would be Hillbilly Potato Loaf, sometimes just called Hillbilly. It is a great tasting, large, yellow/red tomato. It is a must try.

This year I think my most unusual variety I am going to try is Jersey Devil. It is shaped like a cayenne pepper, it is mostly meat and is supposed to be very good for salsa.

Can't wait to see your tom's grow this season!

My favorite pink heirloom tomato is Prudents Purple. I got the seeds from Johnny's Seeds. They have a terrific flavor and they typically weigh in around a pound.

For a pink Tomato, you might try Caspian Pink, a good tasting heirloom. Pineapple, a mottled red/yellow variety, grows huge and makes a great sandwich tomato. It is one of my husband's favorites.
In my tomato trials this year, I grew Nyagous from a seed trade. It turned out to be one of the best tasting of all the heirlooms I've tried. It is a Russian variety, smaller in size with black shoulders. Can't wait to grow some more this year!

Last summer our Master Gardners held a tomato tasting day. We had over 60 varieties of tomatoes. It was so much fun and we had over 300show up that day. YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED IT!!! I can send you pictures if you want, they were beautiful...

Have you had any experience with Mortgage Lifters?

I planted them last year as an homage to my West Virginian mother. I love them. I will plant more this season. I believe they fall in the "pink" category. ~ksp

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