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October 10, 2008


Laura (France)

Good luck with your tunnel - December through to April are the best months for my tunnel in an equivalent of Zone 9. I've had the tunnel for 3 years now and it is fantastic.
I sow Carrots, Beetroot and salad onions in November and get a lovely harvest in April.
All the leafy stuff also goes in (sown in cells 1 months before) or sown direct winter lettuces, oriental cabbages, chicories and endives and will start to produce a harvest of baby leaves in December then full production from January.
I also found the Eliot Coleman book really useful

Great work with your greenhouse! I love how it turned out. I just recently read that plastic sheeting wears out over time due to sun damage. I hope yours doesn't. Mine covering my hoop covers would just be another $30 in plastic to cut. Yours looks a bit more challenging to replace. Apparently there is a UV protected plastic or something that lasts longer. Not worth it for me but definitely for your permanent stucture.

Enjoy planting year round in it! My brother read most of those books but I'm just getting through them. Thanks for sharing!


Just found your blog, via the frugal coop. Seeing these pictures, I'm wondering if you've posted about the soil you use in your raised beds? Any suggestions on the mixture that works best?


Were you aware of HR 875? Google it. It will make gardening illegal. It is in compliance with the UN Codex Alimentarius and is soon to be signed into law if people do not act. Please do your own research and spread the word.

..you can read one excerpt about it at....

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