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October 07, 2008


Looks great. Can you come over to my house this weekend and do the same for me?

Do you know if this type of structure would work in a very cold climate? We live in the Northeast (USA) and typically get quite a bit of snow. This was my first year with a garden but we have a very short growing period and I lack the room in the house to do much with getting seeds going earlier in the spring. I'm pleased with the harvest we got this first year but having a greenhouse could be a great way for us to extend our growing period.

Thanks for the pictures and link!!

Thank you everyone for the kind words, especially Rhonda for the mention on your wonderful blog. We do hope to keep something growing in there all year long. The raised beds are insulated into the ground and will have small hoops over them for a 2nd layer of plastic. In the heat of Summer, there will be many vents to open and an exhaust fan.

The brick idea that Rhonda mentions is a great one. We have some raised beds two cinder blocks high. If you reach your hand down in the holes it is noticeably warmer. I would say that block or brick would hold heat well.

jacqui jones - you are right about watching the soil condition in the beds inside a poly tunnel. I am new at this too, but I have read that being under plastic continually can raise the salinity of the soil dramatically. I will
try to keep an eye on it(however one does that).

country girl - We will write more about the specifics of how our poly tunnel was built, but the PVC pipes are 20 feet long, 1 and 1/2" in diameter and held in place by 1
1/4" EMT metal pipe.

tessa - Elliot Coleman is the master! The Four Season Harvest is one of my favorite books! We also began using soil blocks this year. I wrote a little about them here.
I will look for Shane Smith's book and gardentracker.com - thanks for the suggestions.

hydroponica - I got the plastic from IGC Greenhouse Megastore. It is 6 mil and is designed for greenhouses and tunnels. It is supposed to last about four years.

Kim - The plastic is supposed to withstand snow. We get some snow but not as much as you. I plan to knock accumulation off with a broom from the inside. If you built a structure like this I would suggest putting more pipes in. Ours are 4 feet apart. Maybe yours should be 3 feet apart?

sorry tessa - the link to my soil blocker posts was wrong. This one should work.

My apologies to all

Thanks for the answer Marc. 4 years, huh? That's definitely a good lifespan for the money.

You can help level out your night-time temperatures by building a brick/rock wall or berm in it. It soaks up the daytime heat and radiates it back out at night. You probably already know that, but just in case...


Wow. That's all I really have to say. Good work!


Wow, impressive. It looks great. You got me thinking if hubby and I could do something like this someday.

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