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October 07, 2008



It looks awesome, weekend warrior!!!
bravo to you, your wife and anyone else who helped.


This is awesome. Congratulations on a project well done.

rhonda je

Hi Marc and Renee. I'm so pleased I came to see this. It does my heart good to see people working together for the betterment of their family. I'm sure this will make a big difference to the amount of food you can grow during the year. Do you have any idea yet if it will allow year round production?

I don't have any experience of poly tunnel green houses. My own greenhouse here is a shade cloth house where I pot up my seeds and keep the worm farm. However, I have seen a BBC program called "It's not easy being green", filmed in England, where they erected a poly tunnel to extend their growing period. They had a short brick wall in theirs that they used a a heat sink. It absorbed heat during the day and released it slowly over night. They said it was very good for their tomatoes.

I really admire you both for the work you're doing. I'll be back to visit frequently and I'll put you on my blogroll.

that looks fantastic...what a great job u guys did
thanks for the pics they really spell out nicely what u did

everythinng ive read lately...but im new the growing my own food days the tunnels r great for the reason u want it. a book i have he changes the dirt in the beds yearly so things dont get deseased. manly because u tend to grow the same crops in the same place more often

i will be watching to see what happens with yours...i want one

Nice blog, came to visit through Down to Earth. That book sounds good, we are interested in extending our growing season here in Maine.
Great Greenhouse!

A how too post would be great. My husband just peaked at it too and he was wondering the diameter and length of the PVC pipes.

Hey, it looks great! I myself have a small 6x10 greenhouse. My next one will be built from scratch, like yours. A couple books that have really, really helped me- The Four Season Harvest by Eliott Coleman (he did the show Gardening Naturally, a few years back) and Shane Smith's Greenhouse Companion- very good books, especially the Coleman book. Please read them- you won't be sorry.

That's a really handsome greenhouse, excellent work, I'm jealous.

I've been wanting a greenhouse for quite awhile now, but as a renter (for the time being, at least) I don't have that option.

I've got a couple questions about your covering. The plastic sheeting, how durable is it? I mean how many years does it realistically last (if you know)?

Also, are you planning to use a shade cloth over the top of it to help control your temperatures?

Marc and Renee,

I almost forgot my 2 favorite tools that have really helped me- one is a inexpensive gardening software called garden tracker www.gardentracker.com

The other is a soil block maker that you can get at http://www.territorialseed.com/prod_detail_list/166/3

have a micro soil block maker, a 2" and a 4" get these and your plants will thank you for it!

Very impressive! Beats my hoop covers hands down. I love how you built it from the dirt moving up! Way to go. Huge success!

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