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August 11, 2008


Nice tomatoes. I didn't know some of those varieties came in cherry tomatoes.

I too am growing Aunt Ruby's German Greens. How do you know when they are ripe? I am totally befuddled. ~ksp

I will be trying some of the varieties you have suggested. thanks for the tips

I am so jealous. I had a similar set of plants but delayed planting and a massive thunderstorm killed most of my plants.

I'll have to try the sun sugar next year. For some reason my daughter doesn't like tomatoes. We will have to run a DNA test on her to confirm her lineage..

Where did you get the black cherry tomato seeds? They look very cool, as do all the colors of your rainbow!


I'm growing a range of cherry toms too this year and the white one 'White Rabbit' is turning out to be a bit of a star. Very unlike a tomato in taste but really delicious and prolific. I've saved seeds if you want to try it for next year.

Oooh... now I'm kicking myself! I bought a package of 'Black Cherry' seeds this spring, but never got around to planting them. Had I known that they tasted like miniature 'Black Krim' tomatoes, I would have definitely MADE time. Yum.

Love the rainbow!

Gardening Seeds

Hey nice tomatoes !!! I'm so jealous ... i love them...

rigo grajeda

does anybody have seeds of banana shaped or pepper shaped tomatoes?
email me please

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