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August 06, 2008


It won't work...I tried a similar set up a couple of years ago. I actually caught one hanging from the drooping top of the chicken wire only to see him pull himself over the wire into the garden. He was destined to hang from the wall as a pelt, but his buddies finished the corn. I have gone to two hot wires top and one on the bottom. So far we have corn.


This is the way a cat fence works, but they usually use netting rather than chicken wire. Of course, racoons are able to grasp better than cats, so that would make it easier for them to get past the floppy part of the fence.

I just love your demonstration! Over here we don't have racoons, but I am battling with plain old domestic cats digging up my precious seedlings! grrr

Matron, as Jodith pointed out, this fence idea would work well for cats. Its many times hard to fence in an entire garden though. Oh, and yes, I want to try to get back to updating the Veggie Garden Info site.

Woody, I first got this idea from Jeff Cox's book "100 Greatest Garden Ideas" in which he calls this method raccoon-proof. I think you would need to be careful not to leave too much floppy top so it couldn't double over. With the right amount, it should prove pretty difficult for the coons. I just wish I would have had the time to give it a try this year.

Thanks for posting the update! Loved reading it.

I was thinking that much fold-over would still allow the smarter 'coons to double-back hand over hand and climb in.

If there's more than one it would make it easier for the others to get in as well.

AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! How very frustrating and annoying. I am facing the same thing in northern NY (just south of the Canadian border). Has anyone had luck with electric fence?

I too had a similar problem. Though my corn isn't ready, they walked into my bed to check it out. I lost a dozen stalks that way.

I have thought about doing something like EngineerGardener at Gardenweb, with 4x4 posts and a 2x4 hole wire fence that opens and closes. It is a ton of work for a small bed of corn, but if Shake Away and Haveaheart don't deter them, I will lose my corn also.

I laughed out loud when I read your post! Too cute with the "demo animal"

Sad about your corn though :(

I hope you get it figured out- but look on the bright side. You're feeding some hungry little animals.
I know. That's reaching. :)

They look so delicious. I have only grown 'Golden Bantam' sweet corn, and that was a few years ago. Not very successful, but tasty!

Great photos and blog, by the way!

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