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July 26, 2008


The corn post and the potatao post, please!
P.S: LOVE the pictures of your produce.

Another vote for the potatoes! We're thinking of doing the trash can thing next year, and I'd love to hear your tricks. Plus, I can't wait to see just how many 'taters were hiding out in there.

Your harvest is beautiful. I, like the cats, am getting hungry just looking at the veggies.

I like the trash can potatoes. I am thinking of doing that next year. ~ksp

....we're doing worm composting too and our fall planning is happening now...i vote for those..

I would love to hear about the extra high raised bed system. And the potatoes. And everything else but those would be my first two.

Lori Phillips

How to choose??? I hope you find time to write them all, but how about the raised beds and the Fall garden plans first? Thanks for your blog, it is always entertaining and informative.

WOW!!!! 400 Tomatoes!!! I hope I get one this year! I found your site earlier this month and love it. It took me a day or so to read the whole thing. I am all excited and want to try and do my own seedlings this winter. But I do have a wedding to plan as well.

Tiffany N

Can I be really selfish and greedy and say that I am really looking forward to reading all those topics? I am a fellow Kentuckian raising my first big garden and have borrowed many of your ideas successfully. I can' t wait to learn more.
P.s. Your cats are adorable.

I vote for a post on why you like the extra-high raised beds. I'm going to be making some of my 6 inch deep beds into 10, 12 or even 18 inch deep beds next spring. Convince me that it's worth buying and moving more than 1 truckload of black dirt! :)

Fantastic photos, and I just LOVE those peach baskets - and I see so do your cats. Any further movement on your veggie garden info site? I miss reading the updates.

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