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June 23, 2008


I have grown potatoes in a black plastic rubbish bin (I'm English!) for a number of years now. You have to use maincrop potatoes and not earlies because they earth up in a different way. The results are fantastic but they tend to get very dry very easily. Even if you give them a good watering it is difficult to get the water right to the center of the bin where it almost always remains bone dry!


Can-o-taters, I really like that name. You should get that guy from the infomercials to do one about the incredible Can-o-taters. Act now and receive a bonus Bag-o-compost while supplies last. :)

I do mine with a small roll of wire and 4 garden stakes. Fill with straw, place potatoes, small amount of soil and a load more straw, makes it easy to bandicoot (an aussie expression i think meaning take small ones for gourmet dishes) them when you want:)



What a fantastic idea! Did you poke holes in the bottom of the can for drainage?


Oh I saw the previous post where you drilled holes in the bottom of the can. I am going to try this next year! Great idea!

marc - did i mention that i planted one garbage can-o-sweet-po-tatars and sombody left me a comment on my blog that sweet potatoes wont grow like that? i cant remember why. either way, i have zero growth so far. i dont think i did it right...

I can't wait to see how much you harvest from this trash can!

Anthony over at Compost Bin also did a post about them, as did someone else recently.

...tater-tots, potato salad, fried tater sandwich, potato chips, potato soup...


I'v grown my potatoes in my square foot garden this year (actually a bad idea it would have it, so won't be doing that again), and also in some large pots I could find, as I had some spare potatoes chitting.

These have been refilled with compost three times now, and are looking quite healthy. I'm looking forward to the 'tip' so I can harvest them!

Be prepared for a lot of tubers from those cans. See what I made from one seed potato and a small tub: http://square-footing.blogspot.com/2008/07/look-what-i-made-mummy.html

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