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June 24, 2008


Happy birthday, Marc! Congrats on a great tomato harvest already this season!

Happy B'day!
That is, by farm the best darn tomato I have seen in some time.


Happy Birthday Marc! So are you going to try for May next year?

My tomatoes seedlings are doing terrible this year. I actually bought a few plants to make sure that I have some ripe tomatoes before August. :(

Kenny Point

Hey Marc, wishing you a very happy birthday and many more tomatoes from the garden!

I'd say you have the trick mastered for early tomatoes.

I look forward to trying to get my tomatoes early next year. You and I both garden 'right on the line between zone 6 and zone 5' but I am in Utah so just a tad bit drier. But, thanks to you, I am encouraged to try to get mine in earlier.

I had not heard of Orange Blossom Tomatoes. They look beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Oh what a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday. I have Orange Blossom tomatoes in my garden too, but they are only 1" wide right now. It will be a while before I get to eat them.


Happy birthday even if I'm a day late! Nice maters!

Happy Birthday!! What a great gift, fresh tomatoes...yummmmm!!!!!

Happy Birthday! what a great way to celebrate. I've just checked my blog archives and my first ripe tomato last year was June 18th. Everything is a bit later this year, I am just about to post my first ripe tomato today. Nearly 2 weeks later here but we had a cold Spring.

I am impressed with your early tomatoes...they are beauties! I have some green ones, but no sign of ripening yet, probably due to the cool wet spring.
Happy Birthday!

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