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May 27, 2008


Confession: I have dishwasher racks in my garden for the peas to climb up. We use the old tub from the same dishwasher as leaf container in the fall.

I like the garbage can idea. Currently I'm trying out 5 gallon buckets lined up against the south side of the garage. Talked about it at my blog www.lostsurprise.blogspot.com.


Marc: You're not the only one. I planted two garbage cans about a week ago. No sprouts yet, but I'm excited about the extra space in the garden. I must say, though, I went for dark green instead of baby blue! ;-)


This is a great idea! Now I wish I hadn't planted my potatoes over the weekend---I could have done them in a can and saved some space! Oh well--next year :-)


Great idea. I bet this is how Macgyver grows his potatoes.

marc - this is an awesome idea! do you think it's too late for me to start these now in my zone 5?


It's great to see that there is innovation left in this world!

Great idea. The plastic bin will help protect your potatoes from the elements (especially frost if it's that time of year).

The other benefit of growing spuds in a vertical manner is that they will be nice and clean from growing in compost and loose material.

I love this creativity, planting potatoes in a garbage can. Good for you. I like to read about clever gardening ideas. I too enjoy planting odd and rare plants. I recently blogged about my gorogeous Cantua plants, which are new to many people.


Potatoes in a garbage?? HEY- that is not so strange. Out here in the wild wild west - theme container gardening is a hot item! I currently have tomato plants growing in old cowyboyboots with a small bamboo pole for vertical strength. It is trendy!! Containers are only as limited as your mind! Keep it high class!

I am growing my potatoes in the extra wire cages that I made for my tomatoes. I love the idea of knocking it over this fall to harvest, instead of digging!

I had picked up some cattle panels that had been cut in half length ways. I wired them into hoops and put straw around the inside then filled them with compost. When the spuds are done I just pull up the hoops and move them to another area of our garden that I want to amend or fill a low spot. It works great.

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