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March 17, 2008


I love your new cold frame! "The New Victory Garden" is one of the best gardening books ever written---I'm such a geek I actually recognized your design even before you told us where you got the plans :-)

I'll look forward to reading your new posts!

Looks wonderful, your coldframe. If I had a man who was remotely practical I would get him to make one.

I've been thinking about building a cold frame, so thanks for your encouragement. I can't figure out where to put mine, but I hadn't thought about having one that you could take apart for storage when I was done with it. Thanks!

Wow...I love your coldframe!! You rock!


Love the cold frame and your photo instructions for things. I found your blog looking for photo examples of a pea trellis, but I'm learning quite a bit here as I surf around. I love how you include very useful links in all your posts - thanks.
- A newbie preparing for my very first veggie garden this year

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