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March 28, 2008


Oh! Can I come live in your garden?

You're missing tarragon - the flavored vinegar is a classic french condiment. One little plant is enough for a year or two's supply.

And OMG! Where's your parsley? Parsley is KEY.

Listen to me go on at the master gardener...maybe it's because I garden for my stomach...but parsley...


My wife is the herb expert. She doesn't let me mess with the actual herb garden (just kidding). The herbs I listed are grown IN the vegetable garden. My wife informs me that we are indeed growing tarragon and parsley and a slew of others I neglected to mention. I'll post about that as the season unfolds.


Man, you've got a great garden layout!! Wish you had a bigger picture of that map posted!

So what did you think of the Mirai? I bought a pack last year, but since we ended out moving I didn't get to plant it. I'm not sure what the viability of year-old corn is...I figure I'll give them a try this year and see what happens.

N. amp; J.

Wow! I'm jealous of the variety and quantity that you are able to grow. We are newbies and live in an apartment so we are container gardening for now.



You are one serious veggie gardener! Do you sell your bounty, or is this all for your personal use?
Happy eating,

long island

I would like to start a small, backyard vegetable garden. What's the best way to get started?

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