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March 24, 2008


As someone who overwintered her tomatoes and was picking an occasional treat in December, January and February,.... I'm with you all the way! Bring on the 'maters as early as possible!


This is really unrelated, but did you ever have a final verdict on the fertilizer you tried last year?
looking for a good fertilizer for my first round of seedlings, and haven't had time to build up much in the way of my own compost yet.

Your early tomatoes are definetly an inspiration to me.


Your tomatoes look amazing. Mine... well, their a little scrawny. Do you transplant most of the stem when they are really little? And how many times did you transplant till they looked like this? My Jalepeno are looking fine. I think I'll also use your idea for staking the tomatoes and others up. Thanks for your help.

Looks fab, you have soooo much space! I hope you hit your target date! Mine are about an inch high...i'm gonna pot them up next weekend i think.

Thanks for posting a status on your early tomatoes. As you can see, most of the comments are positive about this.

Many like me cannot have enough to read about tomatoes and you as an inspiration. This year, you where who inspire me to try and have early tomatoes by my birthday june 30.

To tell you the truth, mine where planted a day earlier than yours and they are not even close to the size of yours. Mines are about 4 inches high while yours are 3 times bigger than that. So maybe a brown thumb?. Who knows, but at the same time i am glad that they are growing in a slow peace becuase they still have another month and two weeks before they go in the grownd. Thanks for the post again, and try to do an update sometime before and after taking them outside.

Maybe posting about the hardening and outside expousure process? Thanks!


Is it possible to write too much about tomatoes?? Your exuberance is well warranted...and your undertaking very inspiring!

I garden in Minnesota, Zone 3 ---so I am all for extending the tomato season as much as possible in either direction. But I can't get them in the ground until late May...so I didn't seed mine until last week (one beauty is already up and loving life!)

I grow three early varieties: Oregon Spring, Silvery Fir Tree, and Ropreco (the earliest paste tomato I think). All of these work in pots...so I can wheel them in and out of the garage, a few weeks before I would have been able to plant them out otherwise. Still.. I doubt I could get any off the vine as early as you. Bravo!

I grow 17 additional varieties (insane, I know...we are a two person household). But the only ones I have in common with your list are: Brandywine, Green Zebra, and Principe Borghese. There's always next year!!

Great site! I'll be back.

I have addressed growing successful seedlings further in a new post.

Nancy - I'm glad that you are also a tomato fanatic!

Plantingoaks - I'm glad you reminded me to write more about organic fertilizers and compost. The Great Big Plants test last Summer was successful but incomplete. The drought made it difficult to do everything I wanted to do but I did like the product a lot and will be using it again this year. I also like the Gardens Alive organic fertilizers a great deal.

Peacefulacres - Thanks. Do you have enough light on your seedlings? With my early tomatoes I transplant 3 or 4 times to bigger pots each time and I always plant the stem deeper each time. How deep varies on what container I'm using.

Vegmonkey - I'm sure your tomatoes will be Fab too. I often think that I don't have near enough space. Garden room is like money - no matter how much you have you always want more!

Johnnatan - As always, thanks for the encouragement! This post was written largely because of your prompting. I hope you get garden fresh tomatoes for your birthday!

Deborah - Thanks for stopping by - welcome. I was not familiar with your site before either so I'm glad you commented. You have a great site which I will be reading more of.

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