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February 26, 2008


Your right Narc. What works and doesn't in our gardens should be looked at and discussed. I am planning on growing three heirloom tomato varieties this summer(providing I can get off my duff and find the time to order the seed).



Thanks for such a nice post!

I did leave that comment on your heirloom pros/cons post, but there was much more behind my post. I also made a similar comment on a post Colleen made on In the Garden Online when she linked to a Mother Earth News article on heirloom tomatoes. Even Melinda commented on the post that it seemed like everyone was emphasizing disease resistance lately. Perhaps just as importantly, I had the cartoon and I was trying to put together a post that went along with it. Mostly it just seemed like a good topic for a post.

Whatever the reasons behind it I agree, heirloom tomatoes in general do have some problems and often have lower yields when you first start growing any particular variety. Everyone thinking about growing these tomatoes should plan on that. And of course you are right we should always keep on talking, that's what we bloggers are good at after all!

I'm going to answer your very good question about tomato seed saving in a comment on my post.

Interesting...I have tried a few heirlooms, but really like to stick with red tomatoes. I know it's silly, but there is something about a black tomato that just isn't appealing to be.

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