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February 18, 2008


An heirloom tomato that I grow every year is 'Pineapple'...my hubby loves them. They are huge, sweet, and have a great marbled red/yellow color.
If you find a good heirloom cherry tomato please let us know. Until then, nothing beats hybrid Sweet 100 for me. :-)

What a list of tomatoes. I am growing 3 heirlooms this year. Cherokee Purple, green zebra too, and black krim also.

Ooooh! I'm excited, too! Thank you for all the great info and trials!


I've grown heirlooms for the past 20 years - Mortgage Lifter was my first. I also always grow Pineapple, Cherokee Purple and a terrific cherry tomato I found in seed form from Marianna's Heirloom Tomatoes a few years ago is Cherry Brandywine; potato-leaved, 5 to 6' tall, fabulous Brandwine flavor - I highly recommend it.


I don't think Gardener's Delight is a hybrid.

My name is Christian...I'm using my wife's account. This is my first year trying Heirlooms and I kind of went wild due to my Tomato addiction. As I started reading about Heirlooms mid way through the 2007 season, I instantly became a fan and very intrigued. I ordered my seeds through Tomatofest.com and ended up with quite a collection that all found their way into my garden this year. Here's my list: Mexico, Sunset's Red Horizon, Italian Tree, Brandywine OTV(sets more fruit than original Brandywine strain), Chocolate Stripes, Cherokee Purple, Black Sea Man, Black From Tula, Black Prince, Black Cherry, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Long Tom, Mortgage Lifter, Purple Haze, Goose Creek, Orange Russian 117, Caspian Pink, Homer Fikes Yellow Oxheart, Lillian's Yellow Heirloom, Gary Ibsen Gold, Marvel Striped, and Amana Orange.

I know...I'm insane for growing that many, but I have the room and figured the more I tried this year, the more I'll find out which ones do well.
I live in Salt Lake and it gets into the mid 90's to 100 degrees for most of July, so some plants have a hard time setting fruit. So far I've found that the Italian Tree, Mexico, Chocolate Stripes, and Florida Pink are not setting fruit as well as the others in the high heat.
Anyway, needless to say I'm on the edge of my seat everyday waiting until I can try each one of these varieties. I'll give an update on all of the varieties as the season progresses. Thanks for letting me ramble on your blog! It's interesting to hear everybody's comments and experiences with different varieties...Love it!

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