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January 25, 2008


Hi, Marc and welcome back.

Did your Dad garden, too, or have some favorite plants? If he did, that's what I would include in the garden. For me and my siblings, my sister now owns the house we grew up in and so I guess in some respects she is keeping my Dad's memory alive by tending her vegetable garden in the same place he had his, taking care of the trees he planted, putting up with the big yews he planted around the foundation.

Not too many brilliant suggestions, but as you think about it, you'll come up with the perfect memorial garden to honor your Dad.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Marc - it's so good to hear from you! I am certainly glad you're feeling better and looking forward to your hobbies like gardening again.

My advice mirrors Carol's. Favorite plants. Plants that remind you of your Dad. Plants in his favorite color. I'm sure whatever you do will be a great tribute to him.

Again, glad to have you back.

Katie at GardenPunks

Hey Marc, I'm going to have to lend further support to Carol and Katie's suggestion. I would be very interested to see how those plants look and grow together.

Its good to see you posting. We missed you over here.



Hi Marc, Glad to hear from you again. Glad your feeling better. Not many bright ideas of plants from me either. But I know what ever you plan and plant it will a great memorial garden for your Dad.

Hi Marc,

I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing. The folks before me mentioned the best possible idea, things that remind you of him. I would just say to think about his personality and plant plants that have traits similar to your father. Some plants have characteristics that come to mind, like oaks being stalwart and sturdy. They also seem to evoke a sense of wisdom. One very good and long lived tree would hold his memory for a long time. Viburnums with flowers and berries are good ones. A favorite tree of mine is the Yoshino Cherry. They're elegant trees in the spring with the white flowers and have a nice canopy the rest of the year. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for him.

Hi, Marc. I'm a fellow Ky-ian also. I found your blog about a month ago when I decided to switch to organic gardening and was looking for advice blogs that were local for me.

It was such a treat for me to click on your blog today and see you are back! But I am so terribly sorry about your dad. I know just a little something about having a private memorial garden. Hubby and I have had one planned for years and this is the year we finally have a new home to place it near.

We plan to remember several family members in the garden, which will be set apart in a more private space in our yard, for reflection and rest after the long day. I know it has to have a seat or swing then. Probably a swing for us because my granny & pappaw loved to swing on the front porch. There will be irises for my mammaw (her favorite flower), and daisies for my pappaw who would bring them in from the field for her. There will be hollyhocks like my granny grew along her fence. My hubby's mom grew marigolds and another flower that I haven't yet identified but will. And for his dad, that was hard. But he chewed tobacco, and raised it. So a single, well-tended tobacco plant will be there too. Also, flowering bushes that I can remember in places that they or we used to live at. And some sort of ornamental statue that represents the fact that we love and miss them.

As you can see, a memorial garden is just that...a garden in which each person makes a very personal decision based on their memories or feelings of their loved ones. Although you can glean some direction, it will most likely be a very personal memory that will decide what you will plant. Perhaps a childhood memory of the kind of tree that a tire-swing hung on. Or a favorite color or saying. Good luck on this most endearing journey. So glad you are back.


Sorry for your loss. I think this is a great post.

My dad passed four years ago - on an Easter Sunday. We planted a bed of Easter lilies, not that they'll ever bloom at Easter time, it just seemed appropriate. My mom bought a weeping cherry for herself, and a fruit tree, of our choice, for each of us kids.

I suggested a collection of perennials that he was famous for mowing over (he was NOT a gardener).

When my time comes, I'm thinking Forget-Me-Nots. Good looking, great name and annoyingly invasive, just like me.


Glad to see you back! It seems like a lot of garden bloggers are starting to emerge from their winter slumber, maybe it's the seed catalogs warming up the mailboxes for us.

I would concentrate on creating a "place" rather than just plants. For my grandpa I have the garden swing because that's where he always would sit at our old house.

I would think of doing a bench or a path or a small area. There are some lovely online sites that make custom rocks for paths and there are a number of really nice do-it-yourself projects out there as well.

The important thing is that it means something to you.

Thank you all so much. You guys are great! I said that I missed my blog friends and many of you commented! It is also nice to see a couple of new people who I'm sure I will get to know as well.

You all have some great ideas and you are showing me that it is a good idea to create a memorial place in the garden for my dad. I'm sure I will write many posts about it as it developes.

Thanks again!


I would like a tree, perhaps an apple tree, in my own memorial garden. And somewhere to sit and reflect.

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