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November 09, 2007


I keep my compost bins in the same place at the edge of the vegetable garden. But, that's a good idea to use one of the 4 x 4 beds as a temporary compost bin!

marc - YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!! I'm so jazzed about this! I've got garden debris ALL OVER THE PLACE and even though I got a new compost tumbler it's not enough. I was planning to do lasagna style in my new 4x4 raised beds but they are only 12 inches high. I'm going to use the marc method! I've got some things in my basement left by the previous owners that I can use for the corners. I'll head to the hardware store to get some chicken wire. I'll post pictures on my blog in a few days. Thanks, marc!

I have 3 compost bins behind a fence in the garden and 1 compost bin at the side of my deck. This one is so that I don't have to trek down the garden on a cold and windy day to empty the compost. We also have a few piles of compost at the very back of the garden. I just love reaping the rewards of composting.

Marie Suzanne

What a great idea! Also with our long winters it won't be an eye sore!Yet it will be very beneficial to the soil and future plants! I wish I had thought of it! Love your site! thank you for the tip! Marie Suzanne,dailyweeder,com

That's some vegie garden you have going there.

Like the composting idea!

I spend ages on my compost, shredding paper to add carbon to the nitrogen riv=ch greens. I've done a similar thing with chickenwire for my leafmould this year.

I have actually used the rotating compost pile for gardening -- I have even grown things IN the compost pile! I find that squash particularly like a compost pile for growing.

And pine needles are an awesome find. I love to mulch with them.

Fortunately, we have lots of room out here. I have three black plastic bins as well as a couple of piles next to the woods where I put bigger pieces that really need to be broken apart or mulched with the Mighty Mack. But regardless, everything seems to break down nicely over time without a lot of bother.

--Robin (Bumblebee)

this is great idea how to enrich the raised beds. After compost is ready and you use it somewhere else, the soil there will be much better and plants will be healthier :)

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