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July 31, 2007



curious as to what size the topless tables are??

Crystal Pittman

Pruning the suckers is so important to keep one central stem - then the trellis should be easier especially if you trellis when the plant is small ! Thanks BURPEE

Basil Perera

Dear Marc,

I highly appreciate the information you provided above.
I am also eagerly trying to grow some Tomatos. Still they are in the nursery bed. I know that they are to be replanted when they are about 6 inches high.But even after 2 months they are only 2 inches high. Usually how long it takes after putting seeds on beds to be 6 inches high?

As supports for plants, I am thinking to use matured bamboo branches about 0.5 inches diameter erected closer to each plant and to loosely tie the stem of plant to them, allowing the stem to freely grow.

Please advise.

Yhank you.


Hi Basil,

You can transplant your tomatoes anytime after it's first true leaves appear, so I wouldn't wait until they grow 6" before transplanting. Two months is a very long time for plants to stay small. Something must be stunting them. I'd transplant into some new potting soil or soil-less mix and see if they grow. Your bamboo support sounds like a good one. Hope you have a great growing season!

- Marc

niki gores

I am a community gardener. The soil in my garden is infested with blight fungus so I have to be very careful about getting the tomato leaves off the ground, a great challenge, especially during thunder storms or torrential rain which we often get in Minnesota.
For support, I put four four-footers (2" x 2") around each plant and start tying the vines up as often as needed. Getting ahead of the suckers helps a great deal in the process. The yield corresponds with the labor and attention you put in. I love the challenge of growing tomatoes!

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