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July 31, 2007


I stake and tie but as the summer goes on, I lose track of the suckers so I am wildly tying up whatever branches I can. I may use the Florida weave next year.

I also use short pieces of PVC pipe as the base of the stake... they are easier for me to drive them in nice and deep, then I just drop the stake in the pipe.

I'm the same way with the suckers. I have small bamboo poles that I stick in all over the place to tie up the branches that get away.

I like the PVC pipe idea as the base for your stakes.

It's good to see the methods in practice. I tend too go with the weave, although everybody else around here seems to stick a few poles in the ground to form a tripod.


Usually by this time of the year, I'm employing the "jungle method". That's when all of my tomato plants take the shape of a giant mess of vines. :)

But this year, I'm staking, pinching and tieing a few times a week. I've never seen such order in my garden before. And it looks like I'll probably triple the amount of fruit that I usually get. No more jungle for me.

Nicely written post Marc. You definitely did you tomato homework this season.

Thank you Anthony and good job taming your tomato jungle this year. You should post some pictures on Compost Bin.

Adekun - thanks also for commenting. As for the tripod method, do they tie the plants to the poles or tie to the top where the tripod or tepee meets? Do you have any pictures of this method?

This post is the most informative post I have come across all year! I too have a jungle of tomatoes and will certainly try the Florida weave next year. Thanks for an excellent post..!

I am guilty of jungle this year. I did plan something different but hey... it didn't work out. I love the weave idea!

My husband had some concrete wire left over from some work we had done. Basically it is rusty fencing with large holes. I thought that I would give it a try. So far they are working great. The only problem is the tomatoes tend to be inside and you really have to search to find the ripe ones. I also trim any branches they fall outside the cage. I will try and remember to post a picture of the cages on my blog.

Katie - Thank you for the kind words. Personally I like tomato jungles - there's no harm in it as long as you can keep the tomatoes off the ground.

Ottawa Gardener - Same to you, jungles are fun.

vonlafin - I have read many books that cite the concrete wire tomato cages as the way to go. I've always been scared away from them because in the books they are always pretty, but at the hardware stores I've only seen rolls of rusty looking wire like you describe. I would love to see a picture of your cages.

An interesting topic. I suppose it depends on whether you are growing determinate or indeterminate varieties. Last year I had some success with my "tomato hedge" I just made a long framework of bamboo canes and tied everything in. It worked well.

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