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July 01, 2007


A great GTS post. We have a a (celebrity) gardener in Britain called Bob Flowerdew and he advocates using tyres for potatoes; he is a great inspiration for not only recycling but also organic gardening.


My own potato tyre planter. I got the idea from the afore mentioned Mr flowerdew


Wow Dan, I thought growing in tires would be ugly but yours looks great! Maybe I will look for some tires to use after all.

thanks for sharing that picture!

That's a great story & project. Give your daughter a GTS thumbs-up!

I have been doing sort of the same thing but with bags. The bags i have used are nylon woven mess ones . I started off by rolling them down putting some soil in and covering the potatoes, then everytime the shots popped oout i added more soil, it has worked a treat and should be harvesting them soon.


Marc, that's really interesting. That's actually a really good way to recycle old tires! I will admit, though, that your method is a mite bit more attractive...I'm looking forward to how it turns out!

I like the look of the wood so much better than tires. When I read your post I was reminded of a fad years ago where old tires were painted and the tops cut into curious shapes and then turned into flowerpots. Every now and then I see one ...

Gardening with children has to be one of the most satisfying experiences. It's incredible how much they remember even from times when they are still very young.

Yes, it is done here in England! Tyres keep potatoes nice and warm and if well watered can be earthed up to 8 feet or more! I grow potatoes each year in a big black rubbish bin / trash can / dumpster. You must use maincrop and not earlies.

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