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June 10, 2007


Hello Marc,
thank you for answering my question regarding those tomato cages. I must say DO IT YOURSELF method works best for me in most cases. I love to hear this kind of attitude: ˝..(gardeners will use anything)..˝!
After all, it´s all about making our plants happier and healthier.

oh i'm so jealous! my tomato is maybe 2 feet tall and it has three contenders. it doesn't even need a cage. i'm going to print these pictures to hang in front of it for inspiration!


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Necessity is the mother of invention, they say! I'm jealous, too! They're going to taste sooooooooo good! Post another photo of a basket of ripe ones, please!


Are you sure that you have the cage on properly. Its looks to me like you have the small end at the bottom and the the big end at the bottom. Would the cage be more stable with the big end at the bottom and the small end at the top. The bigger end could be secured to the ground with pieces of wire formed into a "U" shape and pushed into the ground. I would like your option on this subject.

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