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May 31, 2007


I've never grown any kinds of sweet potato before but I consider the orange ones to be more yam-like. I like to buy White Sweet Potatoes (that are more yellowish on the inside) so that's what I'd call a real sweet potato.

Good luck, sorry I can't offer any advice. I do have blueberry bushes though so if you have any questions about them, maybe I could help.

some advice on sweet potatoes...
1) lots of sand, they need very loose soil
2) mulching is a good idea
3) swt potatoes only produce where they root, which they will naturally every foot or so, as they grow. you can speed this up by digging a little groove in your soil under a vine, and covering the vine with the dirt from the groove, basically burying a small segment of the vine.
4) sweets take up as much room as you give them. they make a nice, low-maintenance ground cover. your spacing is a bit close, but as you'll see, it doesn't really matter -- they'll take over that bed in no time.
5) three months at least till harvest -- the ground will mound up when they're ready.

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