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May 18, 2007



I went outside last night to find slugs had eaten two of my four tomato seedlings.

I know slug pellets aren't organic - but is it ok if I use napalm?

I'm impressed! My earliest tomato is usually around July 20th-21st, and since I haven't done much different this year, that is probably when I'll get my first tomato this summer.

Good luck!

Opal: Vegan Momma

That is impressive. I'm in Maryland. I don't have any tomatoes on my vine yet.


Wow! I think you're going to make your goal. My tomato plants are just small little things right now. The earliest I can hope for tomatoes might be the end of July or so.

I love fresh tomatoes. Looks like you'll be enjoying some soon. Oh and Early girl tastes pretty good too.

Here for Green Thumb.


Hey, I live in California and my tomatoes don't look like that. Are you sure you don't live next to a nuclear power plant or something?
It looks like you might be harvesting at the beginning of June.
BTW early girls are my favorite all around tomato plant.

I think this is the most interesting gardening experiment going on in the blogosphere right now.

When you succeed (because I know you will) and have your tomato in June, you should create a banner that says, "Home of the June 24th Tomato". :)


OK...I was feeling all impressed about my little teeny tomato, but yours are fabulous! What a great experiment...I'm cheering you on!

Looking good! Just wanted to let you know that the tomato you gave me the advice on is still alive (which is good...considering I haven't planted it yet and it is living on top of my hose-holder!)! Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I'm going to get some of those tomatoes in the ground. Btw, I have a tiny tomato on the Sungold (my absolute favorite cherry tomato)...none of my doing, considering it is near the tomato above...lol! Now, that's a good plant...trying to fruit under terrible circumstances and in the shade!

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