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April 26, 2007


I only have one tomato category, the delicious category. And I'm growing 10 different kinds of "delicious" tomatoes.

I'm looking forward to your upcoming heirloom post. I prefer hybrid because they usually produce more but you can't beat the taste of an heirloom.


And people are giving me a hard time about planting 10 varieties!

It's true, though, you need variety, and of course you need to experiment - that's what home growing is all about.

I'm totally excited to be growing 8 different kinds this year. 'Brandywine' rocks! I'm growing 'Cherokee Purple' this year for the first time, which is an heirloom that's supposed to give 'Brandywine' a run for its money in the taste department. We will see :-)

I am fairly new to growing tomatoes, 2007 being my third year. I want to thank you for taking the time to explain varieties and types, all this is new to me.

My 2007 list was as follows:

1. Beefsteaks
2. PrimeTime
3. Plum
4. Big Boys

If you have any recommendations as a replacement of this i will appreciated. My favorities of this are the Beefsteaks, and Plum for cooking. I am open for improvement. I dont have much space in my garden, 10 plants the most. Thanks in advance.

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