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April 09, 2007


This is truly amazing! I do hope that you are eating tomatoes by 24 June - a fine birthday treat.

I am enjoying your blog ...

Thanks for dropping by.That is some labour intensive stuff you are doing for Tomatoes.I feel your passion.I grew some tomato plants last year from store bought tomatoes where i harvested some seeds.The resulting tomato plants gave me my first ever tomatoes.Lovely big and red, very juicy and sweet.
I want to grow some this year on my flats windowsills.I hope you have your tomatos by June.I will add your blog to my must read list and comment again soon!

I'm a southern gardener and I do love my tomatoes. I'm very impressed by your montage. I am a garden wimp and have never started anything from seed. Maybe this will be the year!

Take care.

Me too, I want tomatoes by June 24th not that I made a gardening resolution this year (first year blogging). Other than the usual resolutions to do everything properly this year.

I plan on sticking out tomatoes under recycled water jug cloches early (not all of them, just a sample few). I understand pruning reduces yield but shortens maturity.

Good luck!

My first tomato last year was July 31. I hope I can beat that this year. July 4th is a major challenge in my area (Boston). Maybe I can try for 2 weeks earlier than last year (July 17). I will plant in a sunnier/warmer area than last year and use black plastic. Fun to think about a fresh tomato! Good luck with your resolution!

Awesome post! I think you're definitely on your way to June Tomatoes. I've had good luck with Early Girls but never as early as June. Well done.

Thanks for replying to the challenge.

Thank you to all of you who have commented so far.

It’s nice to know that you are routing for me to achieve those early maters!

Those are some mighty fine looking tomato plants! Good luck with them...if anyone can get June tomatoes, I think it will be you!

Just curious, did you think about that red plastic vs. the black? I also have the wall of water thing that I bought a couple years ago (never used...good intentions) that is supposed to enable you to plant tomatoes or whatever out earlier...

Of course, since I haven't even started any tomato seeds (I will!), I don't think I'll need any early efforts...I'll just hope for July tomatoes period!

Hey, have you started the basil to go with them? Gotta have that!

Those tomatoes look dang beautiful. Wow I can smell them from here.

I feel so far behind! :) I'm hoping that you really do get to eat some ripe, juicy, warm-from-the-garden tomatoes in June. (I'm drooling right now just thinking about that...)

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