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March 02, 2007


I just saw your image on GVs and laughed out loud. Good pic and editing.

You have very good taste in choice of color templates :0)

I'm using the same one except I hacked mine so I had an extra sidebar on the left.

Ha-Lar-e-Ous! Loved it!

Great pic, made me laugh. Good luck with the battle against the Raccoons. Fortunately I don't have that problem in my garden but I am sometimes bothered by Maine Coons. Does that count too? :-)

You are soooo funny! I'm saving your blog in my favorites.

Time has passed, and I found this via Google. Did your plan work? I am battling the ratcoons and losing: seven closely spaced strands of electric fence wire don't dissuade them. Next I'm going to try a hotter fencer. Very frustrating. There was a time when two or three low electric fence wires kept them out, but no more...

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