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March 04, 2007


I'll qualify my comment by stating I am not an expert on orchids, but I do have a few. The arial roots are normal, and should be left alone.

I would also repot these, especially if they have been in those pots for several years. Make sure the new pots have excellent drainage and are a little bigger than those these are in now, and use a bag of orchid bark mix.

have no orchids but since joining GTS, I have decided to try one or two.

Oh my! You have made my day! Imagine being quoted...lol! Hey, those orchids look lovely; your friend is obviously doing something right! I don't think repotting is urgent...only a suggestion...and suggestions can easily be disregarded. As long as they bloom like that, I'd be happy!

Hi! Found your blog through Alameda Garden...I'm enjoying your post about orchids! I want to try growing one myself...thanks for sharing info!

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