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March 16, 2007


I see you have horseradish on your list. Have you tried growing it before? I want to grow some, but I've heard it's very invasive. Curious to know what your experience has been with it.

I have not grown horseradish before and I am mainly growing it to help keep Blister Beetles away. I wrote about it in a previous post.

It is a perennial and I have heard that it can be considered invasive because it spreads like most perennials do. I assume you could dig up the new ones like when you divide other perennials. I will be putting it in some of my small "square foot gardening" stlye raised beds with my heirloom tomatoes. If it does get out of control It will only take over two or three 4x4 foot beds. If it really does repel Blister Beetles, it will be worth it. And as a bonus, I can make some fresh cocktail sauce!

Too funny! I like your team logo! I think those in spring training have an advantage, at this point...but it could quickly be overcome by the strength of those on the benches (Okay, I'll stop...lol...not nearly as good as you!)

What, no Sungold tomatoes??!

How wonderful that your daughters are going to be involved!

Sungold huh? I assume that is a yellow tomato? I've never tried that one. I have Golden Girl, Dixie Golden Giant, and Sun Sugar (cherry) to represent the yellow varieties. Maybe I should try Sungold!

Sometimes I think there are just too many different kinds of tomatoes! I wish I could grow all of them :)


How did it go with the "blue enchantment" flowers? Being they are a type of morning glory I have never attempted them for fear they would be invasive.

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