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February 20, 2007


I blog for the same reason. I'm no good at keeping a paper log, so I use my blog to record things. What am I blogging about in February? Books via the Garden Bloggers' Book Club, butterflies via Green Thumb Sunday, current blooms via Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, a trip to a conservatory, the NJ Flower Show, and hopefully about the seeds I've ordered for my gardens.

There's lots to talk about! I use this time for catching up as during The Season, I'm outside more than in. All those photos I've taken, all those gardens I've visited, books I've read, anything garden related is fair game! I like your thoughts...you seem very organized! And those veggies look very yum!

Great answers! You are right about having more time inside this time of year. We should use this time to catch up and to better prepare for the upcoming outdoor growing season.

Thanks for the comments!

Wow, tomatoes by July 1st?!? Awesome goal! Be sure that you also have bread, mozzarella, olive oil and basil ready for July 1st too. Because those first tomatoes always taste best on a tomato sandwich.

I'm blogging about blogging right now. Not a lot of gardening going on in February, other than getting ready to start seeds.

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