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February 02, 2007


Wow, those would make the coolest gifts. Too bad you didn't post this before the holidays. My kids would have loved them.


I bought some at Dollar General this week... Maybe they wll have them for a little while.


I found the scret fortune message plant at Dollar General also, in FL and its March, so good luck, if you have dollar general stores look for them in the area where they have planting pots. its fun to watch them grow and the grow FAST! We had a different kind last year from Easter that was in an 9terra-cotta) egg. it flowered once and formed a bean of what we do not know! The kids, my husband and i all loved to watch it grow, we still have the plant and its still growing!


I bought three of these at the Dollar General about a month ago. The one I kept for myself is growing like crazy. I was wondering what kind of plant it was. Your web site led me to this online store that sells this same message bean in a can as Spin Master, but branded for Disney. The site states that the plant is a Jack Bean.


i found them at toys r us they were a doller

Lyn Mary

I have one right now...they BRANDED the message throug hte seed cover....


this products are imitation of the original version,this is patent infringement. look at the USPTO website:http://assignments.uspto.gov/assignments/q?db=pat&asned=NSL%20LLC
i belive that this companys will have a problems now.

Alexandrea Garcia

My boyfriend and I have one, its all the way to our 9 foot ceiling. It hasn't grown any flowers, like it said it does, but it has a lot of leaves. This is the second one we've done, and they both were the $ symbol.

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